Freezers & Finding Capacity

Losing what you know is hard. My freezer shrunk this spring. After a hard fight, my large, spacious freezer, slowly lost power and finally became more of a fridge than a freezing device. It came at the worst time, as daily highs reached 35+ C consistently, and humidity pushed the thermostat up higher. No matter […]

My bouquet

I recently posted on my social media sights about some gorgeous peonies that just started blooming in my garden. Every summer on my parents’ farm, I saw these beautiful flowers burst open. Tiny ants crawled all over the unopened buds and I waited with anticipation. This stage took way too long, but the long wait […]

Rain & Seed

Watch the rain clouds come, and choose your seeds. Cloudy days are reminiscent of cozy sweaters, blankets on the couch, and hot steamy cups of tea or coffee. At least for some. I have a daughter who loves the rain. She thinks it’s silly that people go inside to hide from the rain. She is […]

Planting Seeds

Nature is a great teacher of all things life. Although fall is stunning with the colors of an exploding sunset, spring offers us an opportunity to recall growth potential. This photo of my tomato plant starters teach us many things. First, it starts with dark, rich, soil. It’s important to have the right mixture of […]

Hello world!

We all begin somewhere. Life has a beginning for us all, but there are many new beginnings in the course of our lifetime. As a mom, I think of my kid’s first full night of sleep, first solids, first steps, first skinned knee- and I am reminded that our need to learn new things and […]