We all begin somewhere. Life has a beginning for us all, but there are many new beginnings in the course of our lifetime. As a mom, I think of my kid’s first full night of sleep, first solids, first steps, first skinned knee- and I am reminded that our need to learn new things and grow never really leaves us.

Childhood gives us the opportunity to learn new things with less judgment and ridicule. I am sure we all remember people cheering on our great new efforts when we were young! For some, it was a great coach, for others a Sunday School teacher, perhaps our friend’s mom, and our own parents. Somewhere along the line, I feel that society is less favorable of us learning new things. Mistakes are often hidden and our accomplishments are placed at the forefront for all to see.

We must not forget to begin new things. The journey continues and we have so much to learn along the way! For me, learning new skills seems to be scarier with each year, as I feel that I should have arrived already. With each brave step, we have the ability to meet a new beginning. Where will you begin today?