No Wasted Tears

No Wasted Tears

Our stories have power. Whatever life brings, seek the treasures in your story and don't waste a tear.

There are things that happen in life that we have little control over. In those times, it can be hard to find something of beauty. Ever since I was young, there has been this strand of hope that continually pushes me to find redemption from the failures, a purpose for the pain, and hope in the hurting. Great treasures are waiting to be found. 

What do you need to find today? 

When Your World Stops

In the recently released book, “When Your World Stops” Jennifer dives into a variety of short stories to help parents navigate life with a child with chronic health. Jennifer shares honestly about working with medical teams, the emotional impact for the whole family, and finding strength and joy through it all.

You can discover the book on Amazon thru the link below and you can select the button titled, Day 1 – A Digital Story, which is the first chapter of the book read out loud in this digital story co-created by Kristy Wolfe & Jennifer Siran.