Nature is a great teacher of all things life. Although fall is stunning with the colors of an exploding sunset, spring offers us an opportunity to recall growth potential. This photo of my tomato plant starters teach us many things.

First, it starts with dark, rich, soil. It’s important to have the right mixture of soil so that the seed has it’s best chance. It is often packed with added nutrients that provide a solid starting point for germination. But soil doesn’t produce plants without…


Now it’s important to use a good seed, not a seed that is rotting or too old. It’s important to plant the seed at the correct depth. Some seed needs deeper levels to sprout, and others need to be closer to the surface. Sometimes there will be some places that the seed never emerges from its dark, buried place. In those spots, a second seed is often needed in order to have enough plants.

Life has lessons, or seeds are that looking for a place to sprout, bringing life to the inhabitant. Sometimes we take the lessons and bury them too deep, or sometimes not deep enough. Each lesson has its own components for maximum growth. Sometimes the lessons don’t take root and produce what we are looking for. In those times, we need to replant that seed, relearn the lesson, and allow things to grow.

Planting seeds also reminds us to not despise the dark times as much. There is a lot that happens during these times of burying down. We need to pay attention to our souls during this time. What nutrients are we needing to add? Are we adding things that help us live through these times? Friendships that are like water to our dry souls? Faith that warms the resting place of our hopes and dreams and encourages us let faith burst through our souls so that we can see the potential within us?

As spring progresses, we have daily opportunity to notice a tree with buds, greener grass, spring flowers, and the sweet song of birds, to remind us that winter doesn’t last forever, and growth is buried and waiting to burst forth from us.