rainforest during foggy day
Photo by David Riaño Cortés on Pexels.com

Watch the rain clouds come, and choose your seeds.

Cloudy days are reminiscent of cozy sweaters, blankets on the couch, and hot steamy cups of tea or coffee. At least for some.

I have a daughter who loves the rain. She thinks it’s silly that people go inside to hide from the rain. She is more than happy to run out barefoot and dance about!

Why do we hide from the rain? Is it too cold? Do we think we might melt? There is something so refreshing and recharging about a great rain. In fact, you can smell growth in the moisture in the air!

Today as the rain fell outside my window, I saw my germinating tomato seedlings on my windowsill. They are small and fragile as they arch slightly towards the window in an attempt to get a little closer to the sun.

All growth requires a little moisture and sun to grow, but we don’t get rain on sunny days, so why do we avoid the rain?

I find this rings true in life. We love sunny times of life when we are happy, filled, and content. We try to avoid situations that bring us clouds of doubt, fear, and anxiety. However, from nature we learn that there is something about these times that can bring needed rain to bring us growth.

So, instead of trying to avoid the challenges in life, perhaps I need to refocus on what I am planting in my life during these seasons. What areas do I want to grow in my life? What seeds are you planting?