About Me

I am a mom, a wife, an author, a speaker, and a medical momma advocating for her kid. I live in southern Manitoba with my husband and three kids. I am passionate about great connections and helping people find their people.

There is nothing sweeter than to see people work together and be each other’s authentic community, one where we have room to be broken and beautiful. I believe that story, our stories, are powerful and connecting, and communities are strengthened in the telling of them.

I have spent my life with a seed of optimism in my heart. This approach to life has enabled me to see some incredible beauty in some hard spaces. I grew up on a grain farm, and learned at a young age the importance of seeding new crops, patience for the rain, for growth, and the work it takes to bring the crop in. I was honored to experience life in Winnipeg’s Inner City, and acquire precious friendships to this day. There are many heroes there that taught me what strength through adversity looks like. As a mom, I wrestled with the new responsibilities and heart exploding love I found in my kids. As I began a journey as a medical momma, I experienced some of my darkest moments, and found some of my deepest life treasures.

I know that beautiful things can grow out of desolate places if we have the chance to give them a chance. Life continues to move us forward, and I intend to leave no wasted tears in the journey.